Local Management

Max Khaylov

Max Khaylov - I-SEC Russia Country Manager

Max started his career in aviation security field in VDIS in May 1997, which was the part of ICTS International. He joined the Company when he was a student of Moscow Aviation University, which he successfully completed in 2002 with 2 diplomas – Rocketry Designer and Manager.  He started to work in the Company as a security agent.

As of June 01, 2009 Max is I-SEC Russia Country Manager. In his new position, Max hopes to use his past experience in developing relations with existing and potential clients by drawing the advantages of the cooperation with I-SEC in an attractive and exciting way, offering various ways of joint operations which are not only limited to security and Travel Doc.

Novikov Vyacheslav

Novikov Vyacheslav - Deputy HR General Manager

Vyacheslav Novikov joined the Russian office of ICTS (subsequently transformed into VDIS and, later on into I-SEC Russia) in 1996.

Within the company he worked as Security agent and Supervisor. Today, he is in charge of HR Department of I-SEC Russia.As part of his responsibilities, Vyacheslav works with employees, maintains HR documents in accordance to Russian labor legislation, communicating and explaining decisions and orders of the management to the employees.

Kirillov Pavel

Kirillov Pavel - Product Control and Training Director

Pavel Kirillov started to work in VDIS (which was transformed into I-SEC Russia) in the late 90's. Prior to this he worked for Japan Airlines.

Pavel started his career in I-SEC as a Security Agent. He continued as a Supervisor and then Manager of Training. Today he is the Director of Training and Quality Control of I-SEC Russia.

As a part of his job, Pavel is working on the education and preparation of the new staff, advanced training and certification of the current staff and monitoring their compliance to the high quality standards of the Company. Pavel also organizes trainings to the employees of our customers and partners at their request.

Kirillov Alexander

Kirillov Alexander - Operation Manager

Alexander Kirillov joined I-SEC Russia in the mid-2000s.Alexander started to work as a Security Agent in the Company. Afterwards he was promoted to Supervisor and presently he is the Operations Manager of I-SEC Russia.

In addition to the operational work, Alexander is planning work schedules of the Company. His task is to provide uninterrupted services for 15 airline customers of I-SEC Russia, as well as a fair distribution of the working hours of employees in accordance with Russian legislation. Alexander is also monitoring the IT-support of the Company.