As many branches at major airports throughout the world, I-SEC Russia offers professional assistance to airline representatives in above-the-wing handling services for scheduled, charter or private flights. 

Our highly skilled workforces are trained to keep flight operations running smoothly and to ensure an enjoyable travel experience for passengers. Our main focus remains on high standards, safety, on-time performance, regulatory compliance and above all, security compliance.

We provide trained customer service agents to help airline’s check-in and gate agents. This can also include boarding assistance to passengers with limited mobility or families with small children.

We are also able to provide assistance to operational flight managers in coordinating catering, cleaning, dealing with airport operators and passengers.

Our handling services also include service agents to staff airport ticket desks. They can be trained on systems and be available 24/7.

Customer service agents are available for lost and found services, premier airline lounges and VIP guest services.

Reality of operations would be:

  • A dedicated team of agents for airlines
  • Professional on-site management
  • Cost-effectiveness