The importance of performing travel document checks cannot be underestimated.

More and more countries are imposing ever-increasing heavy civil penalties on airlines transporting passengers with improper travel documents (such as those failing to comply with the requirements of countries of destination and/or transit), at a scope of thousands of dollars each. Furthermore, regulatory agencies are adopting stringent requirements relating to travel document checks in an effort to reduce the risk of hostile / terrorist elements penetrating the country, as well as to combat illegal immigration.

I-SEC provides security agents specifically trained to perform thorough document checks, supported by the latest technological innovations, enabling airlines to avoid heavy fines, and to fully comply with international and local travel regulations.

I-SEC Russia is providing travel document checks in Moscow to a large number of air carriers with operational volume of dozens of flights per day. Among them are Air France/KLM, Finnair, SN Brussels, Delta Air Lines, Czech Airlines, Japan Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and others.

In provision of this service I-SEC Russia receives professional support from:

  • Airline Liaison Officers of Foreign Diplomatic Missions in Moscow;
  • Border Guards of countries of transit or destination;
  • Russian Border Guards and other authorities.

On a daily basis I-SEC receives updates and alerts from the above mentioned sources and circulates it among its employees. I-SEC Russia maintains monthly statistic reports of prevented immigration fines, asylum claims and flight delays due to local immigration regulation violations. These statistics allows our clients to evaluate the evident financial effect of cooperation with I-SEC.


Providing Travel Doc check service I-SEC experts will perform following duties:

  • Check the validity of the passenger’s travel documents (tickets, passports, visas etc).
  • Check the compliance of travel documents according to immigration requirements of countries of destination and/or transit
  • Detect authenticity of travel documents; verify that the travel documents match the passenger’s identity.
  • Check the compliance of travel documents to Russian immigration departure requirements and coordinate interaction with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs representative on duty at the airport if needed.

These services enable check-in personnel to focus on customer service. Verification of travel documents for the immigration requirements, potential illegal immigrant detection and denied passengers handling stays with I-SEC.

The service minimizes the risk of possible deportation of passengers transported abroad or receiving of immigration fines.

The 100% Travel Document verifications also cover remotely checked in passengers (e. g. Internet check-in or self-service check-in). I-SEC utilizes the technology of detection of remotely checked in passengers at the gate.

The option also covers the detection of Russian immigration departure rules (Russian citizens under the age of 18 who are not in possession of Notary verified parents’ permission to travel abroad; foreigners with expired Russian visas; children of 7 years travelling on a joint Russian passport with their parents without the children’s photo being added to the passport; etc). Detection of these types of passengers at the check-in avoids delays caused through offloading baggage, pre-flight documentation adjustment, etc.

It is obvious that all features mentioned above raise the level of passenger’s customer service.